Mobile Archery Ranges Available To Showcase Scouting

Reserve One for a Major Community Festival or Event

Mobile Archery Range Reservation Site

Range users must meet current COVID-19 restrictions. See this web page for the latest activity requirements and the Unit Covid Safety Guidebook 

Northern Star Scouting has mobile archery ranges available to showcase Scouting at recruitment events and for other uses.

We've got some really exciting resources available to serve as a new member recruitment tool while helping increase Scouting's visibility and image. Archery is one of our most popular camp activities and these commercial, specially branded inflatable ranges can give festival goers a taste of Scouting. They use safe foam tipped arrows with beginner-friendly bows and accessories.

Starting September 1, 2019 a nominal fee will be charged for all rentals to cover maintenance on the ranges. The fees are used to improve user experience and for upkeep of the equipment.

Who Can Use the Ranges?

Scout groups are able to rent the mobile archery units out for Scouting recruitment events.


  • Approved Scouting recruitment use: $25 per weeknight

How to Reserve a Mobile Archery Range

  1. Gain approval from your district BSA staff representative for approval for recruitment event usage – when reserving, this contact should be listed as the secondary contact.
  2. Go through the required Mobile archery range training - found in the Documents section of this page
  3. Register for your date and pay for the archery range online - buttons on the top and bottom of this page
  4. Pick up and return the range within the required timeframes listed on the registration page

Our Suggestions for Where and How to Use the Mobile Archery Ranges

These are our recommendations:

  • Major Event/Festival/Fair – These are designed to be used for large events with a focus on showcasing Scouting and new member recruitment. Use must go beyond a being unit activity to extend their useful life and enable them to make the most impact.
  • Volunteers – A minimum of five volunteers are needed at all times to run the range, with one designated as the Range Safety Officer, who will be in charge and required to take the online training/orientation.
  • Pick-Up and Return – The ranges are stored at the TeamBuilding Center at Base Camp, so must be picked up and returned to there during business hours. The equipment comes in three large cases so a large vehicle, such as an SUV or van will be required.
  • Electricity – The inflatable backdrop requires a steady stream of air from a blower. A long extension cord is provided, but if your proposed location does not have power available, you will need to secure a portable, quiet generator.

Mobile Archery Range Reservation Site