How Do We Fund Our Program?

How Do We Fund Our Program?

Budget For a Year of Fun

Congratulations! You've planned a fun year of Scouting, but now it's time for a crucial step: how do you fund it? Here are some tips for budgeting and other key points to remember.

Membership Fees

All youth and adults pay $33 per year to register as members of the Boy Scouts of America. Your pack, troop, or crew should remember to budget for these, and pay one check to Northern Star Council to cover all these fees at recharter time. This fee includes accident and liability insurance for your "unit" (pack, troop, or crew.) By budgeting and fundraising appropriately, you should be able to cover this fee for everyone registered in your unit. (Please note that this annual fee is pro-rated by what time of year it is, on a January-December timeline).


We recommend having a goal of how much you need to raise based on your budget. Popcorn is the official fundraiser of Northern Star Council. Every pack, troop, or crew should have at least one fundraiser but also be careful not to spend too much of the year fundraising.

Camp Fees

Attending camp is the highlight of the year for most Scouts. Camp fees range from $10 to $200, depending on the age level and the camp. It's important to budget for this great experience. Think about how much of the camp fee is covered by the pack, troop, or crew? How much is covered by the family? Additionally, are all eligible families taking advantage of camperships (financial assistance for camp).

Special Activities and Events

Blue and Gold Dinners, Courts of Honor, Pinewood Derbies, and High Adventure are just some of the special activities you might want to do. Scouts and families anticipate these events so determine in the budget whether they're covered entirely by the annual budget or if special participatory fees are necessary.

Budget Appropriately

An entire year of Scouting should be funded by the fundraisers you do. Do not plan on "charging extra" or imposing more fees if the budget falls short. Determine, from the beginning, how fundraising will deliver on the promise of Scouting.

Remember that Guidepost Two for Journey 2.0 is planning the finances for a year of Scouting. See Related Content for more information and help.

What About Friends of Scouting Donations?

Contributions to the annual Friends of Scouting Giving Campaign support council-wide operations including camps, adult volunteer training, youth programming, insurance, and general infrastructure. Contributions help keep your pack, troop, or crew (unit) operating costs lower by supporting Scouting across the community. Recognition items are available annually to units that meet their Friends of Scouting fundraising goal and should be considered in your annual planning process.

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