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Scouting has many materials to help you deliver the program. Some items are created by local staff and volunteers and others are produced by the National Boy Scouts of America. We have collected both national and local resources here for you on this page. 

Be sure to review the information on where to return forms carefully, as some must be submitted to the local office and others directly to the National Boy Scouts of America. Submitting your forms complete and to the right location will greatly speed any processing that must be done.

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Forms and Documents

We have over 32,000 registered youth members, plus another 21,000 youth participants at Base Camp and other properties, supported by more than 12,000 volunteers and that's just the start!

The 2020 Northern Star Scouting Endowment Report

Nominate a worthy Silver Beaver

Recipients will be selected based on their contributions to the community as a volunteer and role model for youth,

Virtual Midway for the 2021 University of Scouting

Reservations will be accepted, by mail on this reservation form only.

The state disclosures below are included because state law requires them to be provided in writing. Some of the below rights, notices, or information also may apply to individuals from, applying to, or volunteering in states not listed below. There may be additional requirements, options, or provisions applicable to you and you may have additional rights under applicable law that are not required to be disclosed to you in writing.

A form for registering to become an adult leader, in English.

A form for registering to be an adult leader, in Spanish.

This annual agreement is between the chartering organization of a pack, troop, crew, team, or ship and the local council.

The Scouting adventure, camping trips, high-adventure excursions, and having fun are important to everyone in Scouting—and so is your safety and well-being. Completing the Annual Health and Medical Record (680-001 parts A, B, and sometimes C) is the first step in making sure you have a great Scouting experience. This National BSA web page will guide you to downloading the right parts of the form for your camp, activity, or adventure.

The purpose of the BSA’s National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) is to help councils elevate camps to new levels of excellence in delivering Scouting’s promise to youth. Councils will engage in rigorous review of camps and properties, continuous improvement, and correction or elimination of substandard practices.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Within Youth-serving Organizations: Getting Started on Policies and Procedures

The Council Community Service Award provides an opportunity for individual Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturers, Sea Scouts, and Adult Scouters to realize their responsibility to serve their city, state and nation, both individually and through group effort.

Vision: Northern Star Council is a positive influence in the lives of 100% of the young people in the communities we serve.

Complete and submit withing 90 days of the incident. Ths policy is excess to any other available source of medical benefits. This means that you must file your bills through your primary, or personal, insurance carrier prior to this policy responding. When your primary insurance company processes the charges, they will send you an Explanation of Benefits, or “EOB”. You must forward a copy of the Explanation of Benefits for EACH CHARGE.

A description of coverage for our accident and insurance plan.

This new Guidepost in Journey 2.0 is designed to encourage the unit leadership to think about their vision for their Crew and put plans in place to help the Crew achieve that vision.

Reflection is the process of giving deep thought to a situation, in this case your Venture Crew.

This National BSA web page lists advancement, awards, and other Cub Scout forms, resources, and applications

Learn more about how to be an outdoor steward!

The Diversity Award was created by the Northern Star Council Diversity Committee to strengthen inclusiveness and create cultural awareness and understanding.

The purpose of the DCS Knot award is to recognize completion of a standardized program leading to the award of the Doctor of Commissioner Service (DCS) from the College of Commissioner Service (CCS),

Choose to support Northern Star Scouting through Amazon Smile.

our gift to the Tribute Fund is a way to recognize a special occasion or person.

If you can check off each of the items listed on this document you are ready to submit your Eagle Scout Application. Includes a list of the top 10 mistakes that delay processing of your Eagle Scout Rank application

When submitting the Eagle Scout Rank Application the unit leader collects letters of recommendation from the Scout's parent or guardian, school, place of worship, and other references on these forms. These letter of recommendation are provided to the Eagle Scout Board of Review committee and remain confidential.

Include this card with your Eagle Scout Paperwork. The council registrar will use this information to contact the Scout or unit leader if there are missing or incomplete items.

This application is to be submitted after you have completed all requirements for the Eagle Scout rank.

See all the steps involved in earning and completing the Eagle Scout Rank and rank application process from earning Life Scout rank through the Court of Honor.

In the event the Eagle Scout award is needed within 5 business days after the board of review, there is a rush process and a fee to process. Normal processing is two weeks with no fee.

While a Life Scout, the Eagle candidate must plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to a religious institution, school or community. All the steps and key tips and information are outlined in this handy guide.

Eagle Scout candidates must use the official Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927, as produced by the BSA, and available here.

Use this as a guide to send news releases to your community newspapers and publications upon achieving the high honor of Eagle Scout

You can monitor your rank and merit badge advancement easily with Scoutbook.

Form for your pack to choose if girls will be involved in your pack.

A handout to give new Life Scouts to help them earn their Eagle Rank.

As a merit badge counselor, your mission is to join fun with learning. You are both a teacher and mentor as the Scout works on a merit badge and learns by doing. Your hands-on involvement could inspire a Scout to develop a lifelong hobby, pursue a particular career, or become an independent, self-supporting adult.

The basic premise of Scouting for youth with disabilities is that every boy wants to participate fully and be treated and respected like every other member of the troop. Use the resources around you, and this pamphlet to help fufill the promise of Scouting for every boy.

This scholarship is designed to support students who have the Eagle Scout rank or the Girl Scout Gold Award. This award is renewable annually for three additional years and is awarded in amounts varying from $1,000 to $3,000 per year. Application due January 15.

It is the policy of Northern Star Council to maintain a Scouting environment based on respect and courtesy.

This document contains the Fort Snelling Historic Trail guide and questions. After completing the trail and answering the questions, you can submit the answer sheet and purchase a patch.

Complete this form any time documentation is needed for a medical or non-medical (e.g. youth protection, harassment, physical injury, council building/property damage, etc.) type situation.

The Individual Scout Advancement Plan is the basic plan that can be used for all Scouts to document proposed and approved alternative advancement requirements.

Fill out this form to request funding for an innovative idea that could help strengthen Scouting in our council

Contribute $1000 or more to the council endowment funds and be recognized as a member or honor another as a James E West Fellow.

The key award recognizes adult leaders who complete specific training and performance goals over a three-year period. A Commissioner may also earn the Arrowhead Honor, which is for commissioners who exhibit quality performance and leadership. Use this form for tracking both awards for District Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners.

The key award recognizes adult leaders who complete specific training and performance goals over a three-year period. A Commissioner may also earn the Arrowhead Honor, which is for commissioners who exhibit quality performance and leadership. Use this form for tracking both awards.
The key award recognizes adult leaders who complete specific training and performance goals over a three-year period. A Commissioner may also earn the Arrowhead Honor, which is for commissioners who exhibit quality performance and leadership. Use this form for tracking both awards.

Training Keys may be presented to Scoutmasters

Learn about how supporting the Leaders. For Life. campaign will foster youth who are better leaders and more resilient embodiments of the values of service and citizenship. The community will benefit from the expanded leadership skills of Scouts and non-Scouting youth and adults who participate in the proven leadership training of the Boy Scouts of America.

PDF Invitation to the Leadership Center Grand Opening Saturday, September 15 from 10 AM - 4 PM.

A slideshow of the Life to Eagle Preview presentation.

A merit badge application can be approved only by a registered merit badge counselor.

Complete this form as part of the merit badge counselor application process (along with the Adult Member Application and Youth Protection Training).

The National BSA Mile Swim award requirements

This document is made available electronically by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library as part of an ongoing digital archiving project.

Some tips for setting up the mobile archery ranges. The kits also include pictures and additional documents which are helpful.

Required to Review Before Using the Mobile Archery Range

The Guide to Advancement is the official source for administering advancement in all Boy Scouts of America programs: Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, Venturing, and Sea Scouts.

The purpose of the Venturing awards program is to provide a pathway for accomplishment in the Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, Service model.

The Boy Scouts of America has always been a uniformed body. Its uniforms help to create a sense of belonging. They symbolize character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Wearing a uniform gives youth and adult members a sense of identification and commitment.

The purpose of the Guide to Safe Scouting is to prepare members of the Boy Scouts of America to conduct Scouting activities in a safe and prudent manner.

The National Rifle Association, working with the BSA and the Shooting Sports Committee, has compiled clarification in the terminology and delivery of the BSA shooting sports programs here

The Venturing awards and recognitions programs are designed to help Venturers grow in the areas of adventure, leadership, personal development, and service.

True youth protection can be achieved only through the focused commitment of everyone in Scouting.

A compilation of quick references to complete courses, all designed to help our members improve leadership skills and deliver a quality program.

To encourage a pack to be active when school is out for the summer, by doing one activity per month in June, July, and August.

Our staff will provide and assist in completing this form to officially start a new pack, troop, or crew.

The District Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level.

This new Guidepost in Journey 2.0 is designed to encourage the unit leadership to think about their vision for their Pack and put plans in place to help the Pack achieve that vision.

The Cub Scout Pack Unit Reflection is a new Guidepost in Journey 2.0. It is designed to help you think about your vision for success in your Pack and put plans in place to help you achieve that vision.

The Silver Beaver Award is the highest award a local council can present to a volunteer Scouter. The award is given to registered Scouters of exceptional character upon the recommendation of the local council, and approval of the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, for noteworthy service to youth.

This form can only be used to change positions within a unit. Any new registrationsor transfers from other units must fill out a full adult application.

Poject management workshop in PDF format

Other organizations may request this certificate when a Scout Unit is conducting an event at their site. If the organization requires being listed as an additional insured there is a separate request form for those certificates.

These are records collected nationwide since the early days of Scouting (1920s) of individuals who have been dismissed from Scouting, and kept as a barrier to their re‐entry. The files predate the modern database technology. The keeping of such information is a best practice as defined by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in their 2007 report on youth protection.

The requirements a Scout must complete to earn the rank of Eagle Scout

The requirements a Scout must complete to earn the rank of Life

Upon consideration of the evidence submitted from all sources, as set forth in this recommendation form, we respectfully recommend that the National Court of Honor grant the award checked below. Note: If the action being considered is deserving of merit but does not qualify for a national award, do not submit this form. The Local Council Certificate of Merit, No. 606760, is suitable for this purpose.

Request materials for recruitment

Some organizations, other than chartered partners, may require listing them as an additional insured for a specific time period or event. Use this request form to get a copy of the certificate listing your Scouting group as additional insured. Otherwise, just download the BSA Certificate of General Liability Insurance available elsewhere on this site.


In order for an individual to qualify for registration beyond the age of eligibility, his disability must be permanent and so severe that it precludes advancement even at a rate significantly slower than considered typical.

After becoming an Eagle Scout, you may earn Palms by completing these requirements.

General information and requirements on more than 100 merit badges. Any Boy Scout or Varsity Scout, or any qualified Venturer or Sea Scout may earn any of these at any time.

This planning book is designed to help packs, troops, and crews assemble an exciting and engaging program

An Excel budget template you can use as a starting point during your annual planning.

Use this resource to help build your annual program plan

Worked at a Northern Star Camp last year and interested in returning for another summer? Complete this simplified application form for the next season.

A sample program calendar your crew can use as a starting point during your annual planning.

A sample communication plan your crew can use as a starting point during your annual planning.

A sample communication plan your troop can use as a starting point during your annual planning.

A sample communication plan your troop can use as a starting point during your annual planning.

Every Scout leader should consider some basic planning tips when it comes to preparing for a Scouting outing or trip.

Our council has elected to utilize the council administrative functions provided by Scoutbook (Connected Councils), the Scoutbook Merit Badge Counselor List is being replaced with the Northern Star Councils’ official Merit Badge Counselor List.

This guide is for councils that have uploaded their merit badge counselor list to Scoutbook

Download various logos related to our council and the BSA.

Tips for a successful silver beaver nomination.

The Boy Scouts have labored for decades to curtail sexual abuse of scouts by adult volunteers. But when their name was evoked in a lawsuit linked to the Penn State abuse scandal, the reference was not to problems — it was acknowledgment that the Scouts' current prevention policies are considered state of the art.

The application to join summer camp staff.

At the heart of the Kodiak experience is the Kodiak guide. The purpose of the guide is to help the participants with their adventure. This document is to assist the Kodiak Guide in delivering the Kodiak Challenge.

The purpose of the Trainer’s EDGE course is to provide and help develop the platform skills of a trainer. It is meant to supplement the practice offered through Wood Badge and NYLT staff development, with a focus on the participant, while raising the level of skill a trainer brings to the staff experience.

The Trailhead Award recognizes those Webelos Scouts who have gone above and beyond their Arrow of Light requirements and have a strong start on their Scouts BSA adventure.

To encourage training, tenure in a position, participation, and performance of adult leaders.

To recognize den leaders who have completed training, tenure, and performance requirements. Available for Tiger Cub den leaders, Cub Scout den leaders, and Webelos den leaders.

To encourage training, tenure in a position, participation, and performance of adult leaders.

Thank you for your help in facilitating this unit reflection with the Troop.

The Boy Scout Troop Unit Reflection is a new Guidepost in Journey 2.0.

We encourage units to use Internet Advancement Reporting, but this form is also available. Submit the form at the Scout Shop when you purchase the awards.

Why plan? Planning ensures you have a balanced program that fits the needs and desires of your unit’s members.

Thank you for your help in facilitating this reflection with the Troop/Pack/Crew.

A spreadsheet that can be used by the crew to help track members progress toward the Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit Awards

Statement of Dr. Janet I. Warren Regarding BSA's Ineligible Volunteer Files

The passage from a Cub Scout pack to a Scouts BSA troop should be smooth, with no time lost in between.

What Does it Mean to Be a Scout

Inform youth and their parents about the Venturing program

Complete this form to certify the creation of a new Scouting pack, troop, crew, team, or ship and be recognized with the Wm. D Boyce New Unit Organizer Award.

The Wood Badge Course Direcotr serves during the Wood Badge course as Scoutmaster of Gilwell Troop 1. Complete this application for consideration as a course director.

No Scouter should miss training for financial reasons. Apply for assistance to attend a world class Wood Badge course.

Thank your employer, and get support, for Wood Badge

Wood Badge staff positions are service opportunities. Volunteers representing Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing as well as people whose Scouting involvement is at the district and council levels are encouraged to express interest in serving by submitting this form.

A form for registering youth members, in English.

A form for registering youth members, in Spanish.

Report your Youth Protection Training for both Youth and Adults

These nationally produced videos are part of the Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection Training courses designed for youth.